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Axess to participate in Expo Andes 2022

The sale of ski tickets at the counter is yesterday’s news. In the future it will take place online and can be operated in self-service.

Wednesday 7 de September del 2022

InvestChile, attracting more and better investment for Chile

The public institution, which currently supports a portfolio of more than US$24 billion in projects, is sponsoring Expo Andes 2022.

Tuesday 6 de September del 2022

TechnoAlpin participates at Expo Andes 2022

TechnoAlpin has been designing and building turnkey snowmaking systems for ski resorts all over the world since 1990. The company’s passion for snow and its enthusiasm for innovative solutions have made it the world’s leading supplier.

Monday 5 de September del 2022

CIL Explosives at Expo Andes: Specialized Explosives Professionals for Avalanche Control Operations

CIL Explosives was formed in 1910 through the merger of five Canadian explosives companies. After 1945, CIL began supplying all major Canadian industries in need of explosives products.

Thursday 25 de August del 2022

SKIDATA to participate in Expo Andes 2022

SKIDATA offers various hardware and software solutions in the field of access control and visitor management solutions, both for mountain destinations, parking management and for various activities and events.

Thursday 25 de August del 2022

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