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The 4rth edition of Expo Andes

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Press Expo Andes 2019

The fourth edition of the only meeting of mountain professionals in South America, Expo Andes 2017, opened its doors with the aim of exchanging the latest experiences and technologies from more than twenty countries that carry out activities in the mountain industry.

During the event, announces were made about the advances in radar and warning systems, which allow to predict avalanches, alluviums and rockfalls, without the need to expose geologists or nivologists to carry out measurements in risk areas. In addition, to the latest in rescue of people in avalanches, we can highlights the detectors that emit signals to facilitate the search of rescuers and snow systems that allow skiing 365 days a year at any temperature. In parallel, the event featured a program of lectures and conferences, which included the latest innovations in urban and tourist cable transportation (cable cars), management in ski centers, infrastructure in extreme environments and management of natural risks, among others. Great themes that complement the more than 120 exhibiting brands from all over the world, which come together to enhance and enrich the work in the mountains. The Andes Mountain in Chile covers about 80% of its territory, therefore, it concentrates a large amount of industrial and recreational activities that share the same problems and conditions. This is the reason why different sectors such as Snow and Mountain Tourism, Mining, Roads, Border Crossings, Armed Forces, among others, come together in Expo Andes to deliver their knowledge and thus advance with important points such as security, rescue, natural resources, etc.

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