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Expo Andes 2022: Tomorrow the largest international snow and mountain meeting arrives in Santiago, Chile

The international fair and congress, to be held between October 12 and 14 at Metropolitan Santiago, will analyze the development, innovations and new challenges of the industry.

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The international fair and congress, to be held between October 12 and 14 at Metropolitan Santiago, will analyze the development, innovations and new challenges of the industry. Santiago, Tuesday, October 11, 2022 – The international fair and congress Expo Andes 2022 returns to Santiago, Chile, with the objective of bringing together professionals, companies and institutions of tourism, mining and mountain safety in South America, to analyze the advances, conflicts and development of the industry. Between Wednesday October 12 and Friday October 14 at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, the meeting will present an international congress with 7 panels with important authorities from the public and private sectors, who will share their experiences to enhance and enrich the work in the mountains and discuss current conditions worldwide. The exhibition will seek to share knowledge, experiences, innovation and good practices that will allow Chile to be a world class reference. Among them will be suppliers of technologies, products and services specific to the sector and decision makers from the Andean mountain world. In this way, the fair will be oriented to seek solutions to the mountain problems that must be considered by ski resorts, mining companies, mountain municipalities, border crossings, tourism operators, roads, police, army, and lovers of mountain activities. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS On Wednesday, October 12, at 12:30 p.m., the international congress will begin with a panel called “Political Forum on Mountain Territory Management”, with the participation of the Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Kunze; the Mayor of Lo Barnechea, Cristóbal Lira and the general manager of the Andes Santiago program, Martín Le Bert, moderated by Helen Kouyoumdjian, Executive Vice-President of Fedetur. During the event, issues related to the protection of people and the ecosystem, roads, border limits, tourism, maintenance of mountain infrastructure, among others, will be analyzed, highlighting the main difficulties presented and the available solutions. On the same day at 3:30 p.m., the second panel “Natural Risk Management in Mountain Areas” will address the dangers and threats in mountains due to natural causes, such as earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and floods caused by lake overflows, among others, and the various alternatives for dealing with them. On this occasion, the event will be moderated by the general manager of Nuevas Vías, Arturo Rocco; and the participation of the Metropolitan Regional Director of ONEMI, Miguel Muñoz; and the Head of Geological Hazards and Land Use Planning, Sernageomin, Mónica Marín, among others. On the second day of Expo Andes, Thursday, October 13, and in its third panel “Trends, Innovation and Technology for tourist destinations”, which will begin at 10:00 a.m., the importance of the development and advances that exist in the mountain world will be emphasized, highlighting technology, equipment, and innovations, such as GPS, trackers, metric systems to prevent avalanches and climate conflicts, among others. In this instance, the president of the Association of Ski Centers of Chile, James Ackerson, together with the general manager of Valle Nevado, Ricardo Margulis; and the commercial manager of Chapelco, Juan Pablo Padial; Alberto Stern, Latin America Coordinator of Cluster Montagne, will analyze the development of tourism, at a time when Chile stopped the mandatory use of masks, opening possibilities for a more accessible trade. Then, in the fourth panel “Panoramas and prospects for investment in the promotion of mountain destinations”, and together with Transforma Turismo, Invest Chile, Corfo and the Undersecretary of Tourism, will present the opportunities that the country has in terms of investment for mountain tourism, offering alternatives at the national level. Thursday will close with the fifth panel “Valorization of the Mountain: Conservation and Outdoor Activities”, which will highlight the importance of combating deforestation, caring for biodiversity, and avoiding the interruption of water flows, and the importance of promoting outdoor activities as a boost for tourism, such as hiking, trekking, camping, among others. “Cable transport: a sustainable mobility solution” will be the sixth panel that will start at 10:00 a.m. on Friday 14, being addressed by the Ministry of Public Works, where they will present the details of the concession of the Bicentennial Cable Car, a project located in the Metropolitan Park of the city of Santiago that will pass through the districts of Providencia, Las Condes, Vitacura and Huechuraba to connect the financial neighborhoods Manhattan and Ciudad Empresarial. Finally, the international congress will present the seventh panel “Accesses to Mountain Destinations”, with the participation of Carabineros de Chile and Vialidad of the Ministry of Public Works, where the opportunities to improve the current roads, containment structures, tourist, security and hotel establishments, among others, will be analyzed. Expo Andes will also feature the Workshop “Perspectives and Investment Opportunities in Mountain Tourism in Chile” organized by Invest Chile and the Undersecretary of Tourism (limited space

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