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ExpoAndes: The largest international snow and mountain event returns to Chile in October 2022

The Expo Andes international fair and congress, to be held […]

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The Expo Andes international fair and congress, to be held October 12-14 at the Metropolitan Santiago Convention & Event Center, will bring together tourism and mountain safety professionals, companies and institutions from South America to analyze the progress, conflicts and development of the industry. The exhibition will seek to share knowledge, experiences, innovation and best practices that will enable our mountain tourism to become a world quality reference. Among them will be suppliers of technologies, products and services specific to the sector and decision makers from the Andean mountain world. In this way, the fair will be oriented to seek solutions to the mountain problems that must be considered by ski resorts, mining companies, mountain municipalities, border crossings, tourism operators, roads, police, army, and lovers of mountain activities. Among the main topics to be discussed are water conduction in high mountains, road protection, road clearing and management, clothing and equipment for people, avalanche control, protection against rock falls, construction at heights, cable transport, among others. The general manager of Fisa, Francisco Sotomayor, emphasized that “ExpoAndes 2022 will reaffirm Chile’s important role in the safety and experience of mountain professionals, where the development that Chile has achieved and the progress made by other countries will be shown, exchanging experiences to continue growing and developing Chilean mountain safety, commerce and adventure”. Expo Andes, organized by Fisa of the GL events Group, is a business meeting that promotes the transfer of knowledge, experiences and especially the technological innovation in products and services, gathering every two years the most important mountain exponents of South America. International Congress In parallel to the fair, an International Congress will be held with thematic areas and discussion panels in charge of important companies from the public and private sector, which will share their experiences to enhance and enrich the work in the mountains worldwide. During the 3 days of the event, the International Congress Expo Andes 2022 will be the meeting point to share experiences, challenges, concerns, trends and innovations for the mountain industry sector, including: – Urban and tourist cable transport, high mountain operations, winter and summer mountain tourism, mining, road and safety in high mountains, natural risks, energy and infrastructure in extreme environments and digitalization of the sector. Simultaneously with the exhibition and congress, a virtual platform will be online with the exhibitors’ profiles through the interactive catalog and the transmission of the activities for those who cannot attend in person. Likewise, all the exhibits and the main milestones of the event will be recorded. In Chile, 63% of the continental territory is mountainous, while 70% of the fiscal property is mountainous. Likewise, 50% of future mining projects (2018- 2028) are located at high altitudes. Currently, the country has 20 winter resorts and was recognized for the fourth consecutive time as “Best Adventure Tourism Destination in the World” at the World Travel Awards (WTA). On the part of foreign tourists, 30% come to Chile to enjoy the mountains. Press contact: Cristián Larraín +569 5208 7993

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